The X70 Factory Focuses on Improving the Quality of Tank and Armored Repair

13 Agustus 2021

Repair PT-76 amphibious tanks of the Vietnam in X70 factory (all photos : BaoHaiQuan)

HaiQuan - Over the years, X70 Factory, Naval Engineering Department has always maintained its brand and reputation in repairing tanks and armored vehicles; good guarantee for the training mission, fixed assets of the Navy units in the Northern region.

Currently, the vehicles put into repair are all old cars that have been repaired many times; Some parts and details on the car have deteriorated, lack of synchronization, and replacement supplies are scarce. Therefore, right after receiving the repair order, the X70 Factory directed the technical agency to coordinate with the Tank Repair Workshop, conduct a closed test immersion, survey and assess the technical condition of the swimming pool. After that, officials and employees disassemble to check details, make a repair plan according to the technical process. The soldier meticulously inspected and removed each part, the engine was hoisted out of the car to clean and preserve. During that process, the factory always has a plan to ensure timely replacement of materials and spare parts, according to the right type and quality.

Colonel Bui Xuan Hao, Director of X70 Factory said: The Party Committee and Board of Directors have focused on leading and directing innovation, capacity improvement, repair and production efficiency, considering this as a trans- mission goal. both immediate and long-term. The factory has synchronously implemented measures to innovate management and production management, invest in technical and technological equipment, and focus on high-quality human resources.

Along with that, the factory always promotes its features and makes the most of a number of modern machines such as: Testing equipment, checking gearboxes, PT-76 tank clutches; test equipment, test generators, starting tanks, armor; CNC machine; multi-function milling machine; flat grinding machine in the repair proces. Thereby, contributing to reducing effort, saving time, improving quality and work efficiency.

In the Repair Workshop, the working atmosphere is always enthusiastic, everyone does their job in the sound of the machine. Teams are assigned to inspect and repair each stage. When repairing the engine, officers and employees check the technical condition from small details to the injectors and calibrate the high pressure pump, maintain the filters, repair the oil and water coolers. Neatly do it wherever you go. The details that need to be replaced and upgraded are fully coordinated by all parts of the factory.

For tanks and armored personnel carriers, the factory focuses on high-level workers from inspecting and repairing the entire propeller system to the body sealing positions, the automatic valve system to prevent water from entering the engine. mechanical, swimming control drives. Repairing weapon systems requires accuracy, so in the process of working, officers and employees like "ultrasound doctors" check every detail of the system to ensure synchronization and stability.

QNCN Lieutenant Hoang Duong Minh, Tank Repairman shared: We always follow the principles and technological processes and place high technical requirements during the repair process. Each worker always promotes self-study and research to gain more experience and improve skills. Whenever we encounter difficult and complicated situations, we always discuss and discuss with each other to find the optimal solution and at the same time seek advice from superiors to perform the work to achieve good results.

The task of repairing tanks and armor of the X70 Factory is in the sprint stage. With professional responsibility and high determination, the soldiers here are focusing on completing the items, completing the car to hand over to the units on schedule. Each vehicle after being repaired will ensure better and safer techniques to be ready to "fight" when on a mission. 

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