HMAS Supply Conducts First Replenishment at Sea

18 Agustus 2021

First replenishment at sea for HMAS Supply (all photos : Aus DoD)

HMAS Supply is one step closer to supporting Australian and partner nation ships after successfully completing the first Replenishment at Sea (RAS) for the Supply Class.

HMAS Supply, the Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR), transferred fuel to HMAS Anzac off the east coast of Australia recently.

Commander of the Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Mark Hammond congratulated the ship's company on achieving this milestone.

"HMAS Supply is the first of its class, and the crew have been working hard to progress it through the operational test and evaluation period," Rear Admiral Hammond said.

"By completing her first replenishment at sea with HMAS Anzac, Supply is one step closer to achieving Initial Operating Capability later this year.

"Once this is declared by the Chief of Navy, Supply will be available for operational tasking, and ready to assume duties—sustaining a Joint Force for enduring periods at sea," Rear Admiral Hammond said.

A Replenishment at Sea is the transfer of fuel, solid cargo and potable water to naval combat units while the ships are underway.  It involves 30 to 60 personnel depending on the type of goods being transferred and requires technical and non-technical expertise.

Commanding Officer HMAS Supply, Captain Ben Hissink said the ship performed well, illustrating why the Government invested in two new AOR ships.

"Supply can carry more fuel and stores, has a faster pumping rate for aviation fuel and can operate in a wider range of sea states than her predecessors Success and Sirius," Captain Hissink said.

"Importantly, we also have a combat management system that will allow us to integrate better with other Australian Defence Force and allied assets, so we can work more effectively in a Task Group."

HMAS Supply is one of two new AOR ships purchased for the Royal Australian Navy, to ensure our maritime operations are robust and ready to meet rising regional security challenges.

NUSHIP Stalwart arrived in Australia in June and will commission later this year.

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