ANZAC class New Air Search Radar Achieves IOC

14 Agustus 2021

SEA 1448 Phase 4B is replacing the SPS-49(V)8 Air Search Radar on the 8 Anzac class frigates with CEAFAR-2L a modern phased array radar (photos : Aus DoD)

Anzac Class frigates capability upgrade with new Air Search Radar System

The Royal Australian Navy is one step closer to operating one of the most advanced, sovereign air search radar capabilities in the world, with the upgraded Air Search Radar Systems in the Navy’s Anzac Class frigates having reached Initial Operating Capability.

Under the SEA 1448 Phase 4B project, the existing Air Search Radar System has been replaced with the sovereign designed and manufactured CEAFAR-2L Phased Array Radar System. This system complements the first generation CEAFAR-1S Phased Array Radar Capability installed during the Anzac Anti-Ship Missile Defence upgrade.

Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO RAN, said the cutting-edge technology was delivering world-class capability to Navy through a strategic collaboration with our Defence Industry Partners.

“This technology has delivered a significantly advanced air warfare and missile self-defence capability to Navy’s Anzac Class frigates and provides Navy with one of the most advanced, sovereign air search radar capabilities in the world,” Vice Admiral Noonan said.

“The close partnership between Government and Australian industry is crucial to this Australian success story.”

The upgraded Anzac Air Search Radar replaces the original conventional radar system, which was supplied to Anzac Class frigates as part of the original build program in the 1990s.

Deputy Director Systems, Commander David Bettell said the new radar system had been integrated with the 9LV Combat Management System and had been successfully demonstrated at sea.

“The Anzac Air Search Radar replacement project has not only replaced the ageing air search radar but delivered ground-breaking integrated digital Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) capability, a world first within a Phased Array Radar System,” Commander Bettell said.

Among the many advantages offered by the SEA 1448 Phase 4B project are the significant improvement of detection, classification and identification of air contacts, a greater level of radar and combat management system integration, improved levels of radar functionality and significant improvements in equipment support and reliability.

The Anzac Air Search Radar Replacement was jointly completed in collaboration between CEA Technologies, Saab Australia and BAE Systems.

The upgrade project management occurred through the Warship Asset Management Agreement Alliance with the Anzac Ships Program Office and SEA 1448 Phase 4B Project Office.

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